Developer? Work with the Instagram API? Or work with an Instagram library by a third party? Wondering why your Instagram implementation is suddenly showing grey squares? Wondering how to stop […]

Dart + Firebase

I was inspired to use Firebase with Dart by Jana Moudrá‘s talk at this year’s Dart Developer Summit (on YouTube here). Firebase’s major contribution is having a backend for your […]

Flutter Demo Screen

Interested in Dart and/or Flutter? Or just interested in app development in 2017? You should give Flutter a try. It only takes a few minutes (mostly downloading programs and setting […]

Dart: Two Years In

In February of 2014, I met some Google employees at the Digital Signage Expo who were extolling the virtues of ChromeOS. I asked about how I would go about moving […]

#DSE2016 Day Two

Continuing from Day One, I’m back at it today with a lot more time to walk the show floor at the Digital Signage Expo 2016.

#DSE2016 Day One

I’m at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 today and tomorrow, and it’s a huge show again this year. Here’s a real quick rundown of the big stuff I noticed at #DSE2016, day one.