Tony Downey

#DSE2016 Day Two

Continuing from Day One, I’m back at it today with a lot more time to walk the show floor at the Digital Signage Expo 2016.

#DSE2016 Day One

I’m at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 today and tomorrow, and it’s a huge show again this year. Here’s a real quick rundown of the big stuff I noticed at #DSE2016, day one.

Bad, Bad Words

Digital Signage is as it’s best when a viewer can interact with it in some way. But if you let the user’s text content onto your screen – a tweet, a […]

Winding Road Through Desert, Joshua Tree National Park

Like many people I meet professionally, I did not come to my career in a straight line. My path wound through the arts, bureaucracy, customer service and more before becoming the 2016 […]

Hue Shifting Videos

Digital signage looks best when you have video, but video has costs: design, rendering, storage, retrieval, etc. I picked up a little trick to turn one video into hundreds – […]