Hello World; Version 2015

New looks around here, but my most visited pieces are still as is. QRphoria, the QR Code Generator (built in Flash), and Indie Games: Designing to Succeed. The change from my old sites to this WordPress built one came about for a few reasons:

Google Developers Console + WordPress is pretty awesome.

I’ve hosted by own custom sites, my own CMS-built sites, and combinations of the two in the past. I switched to a 100% WordPress site for the most recent version of this site because I am enamoured with how simple Goole has made it. I was able to get this running on my own server with very few modifications almost instantly, never once dipping into the terminal or ssh code. With Google handling the setup, I didn’t have to worry about much – and to boot, it’s dirt cheap and scales automatically. Being able to ‘set and forget’ an entire server is something I’ve been dreaming of since I launched my first site.

It’s Time to Share What I Know

I started writing code in 2009, going full time by 2012. My work has become increasingly difficult to Google – I’m encountering not just edge cases, but reporting new bugs in browsers. I don’t spend all of my time on the bleeding edge, but enough that I have to start providing the examples and documentation, rather than looking for someone else’s solutions. WordPress is going to help with that.

Just Gotta Write

I find writing as an exploration of a topic very helpful. Oftentimes, I will write a long email or bug report about a problem, and the solution comes to me as I write. Then those bug reports get deleted, those emails never get sent, and I move on. It’d be nice to have a place where that written problem solving doesn’t get lost.

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