Clickspace TV (since 2012)

Clickspace TV is a digital signage platform designed with the hospitality industry in mind. I am the Techincal Lead, looking after the ‘full stack’ – the servers, the CMS, the website, the digital signage deployments, and any of the dynamic, programmable content. It’s my job!

Essay – Indie Games: Designing to Succeed (2011)

After a year working on TumbleBall, I spent a month writing this 10,000 word diatribe on what I thought was the secret to success on Indie Games. There are about 2,000 words I don’t agree with anymore.

Built in Flash

QRPhoria – Beautiful QR Code Generator (2013)

As I grew more interested in programmatic art, I grew impatient with the world of QR Codes. Black and white, boxy and ugly, and to top it off the world of QR Code generators was predatory and needlessly expensive. I set out to create a tool that would pop out a beautiful QR Code with almost no effort. It’s most popular in childhood education – teachers talk about it a lot.

Robots, Robots, Robots! (2012)

This is where my interest in programmatic art started. I started with a set of body proportions and some simple shapes to randomly generate robots. I kept adding on: more shapes, variations, colour palettes, bones and joints, animation. Fun to watch.

TumbleBall! (2011)

My first, and so far only, game. I spent a year working on it with artist Joshua Hoiberg. Making it taught me programming, more or less from scratch: prior to the start of development, the only coding experience I had was in Microsoft Excel.

TumbleBall Physics Demo (2010)

I had an idea for a game about a stream of pachinko balls, but you could move the pegs around to create patterns. This is an early demo which in many ways is superior to the game that game a year later.

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